Your J-O-B is a relationship. Is it healthy?

Do you spend your weekends refreshing or recovering from your work week?  As a recovering workaholic, I know all too well all the trappings - and why it becomes a cycle of exhaustion even on the weekends.

Your weekends (to include any days off, not just weekend days) should be a time to refresh, unwind, break away from your work, and prepare to start the new week with a fresh perspective.  But so many of us end up in recovery mode.  We're recovering from not being able to keep up our personal life duties during the week.  We're recovering from mental exhaustion.  We're recovering from toxicity in our work lives.  There is a very clear difference between recovering and refreshing.  Does this sound familiar to you?

If it does, you're likely feeling the affects of a toxic relationship with your job.  It's real, and it's a challenging cycle to break.  A toxic work environment is one that doesn't support your boundaries and parameters, and certainly doesn't support a healthy work/life balance. Often times, the environment requires that you be available at odd hours, on weekends and holidays, and during your time with your family when you should be refreshing for the next week.

Perhaps when that toxicity shows up during those out of boundary times, they show little regard for what may be going on in your personal time. The need is now.  It's important right now.  And you must do it NOW.

The leadership of this environment may not recognize it.  Or maybe they do and refuse to acknowledge it.  They may even evangelize how important it is for you to maintain work/life balance - but when you do attempt to maintain it, they're not happy about it, or their private messages to you conflict with the public message they evangelize.  So you spend your weekends in recovery...waiting for the next shoe to drop, waiting for the next out of bounds text message, or knowing that if you don't work when you should be resting, you'll arrive to work on Monday already in the red with a backlog of work waiting for you.

More hallmarks of toxicity:

  • If you're left feeling overwhelmed more often than not
  • If those off-hour fire drills are no longer the exception but have become the norm
  • If you don't feel refreshed after your time off or weekends
  • If your gut is telling you that the environment is not good for you

But - it's not all gloom and doom!  There are options, and you have choices and some control over this.  There is a way out!  How, you ask?

  • Set and maintain boundaries
  • Be consistent
  • Have the courage to speak up
  • Find your passion
  • Find change

All of that may sound a little scary for some people, and it undoubtedly requires some strong will.  But your wellness and success is worth the work.  Staying in a toxic situation will never lead to your full potential and success.

If you feel like this speaking to you, please reach out to me.  I'll be your  goals partner as you make strides to a healthier environment.  We'll work together to establish your objectives, build solutions, and start taking the steps to implementing a viable plan.

As someone wiser than me once said, "turn the page or close the book".  The importance of that doesn't rest in which action you choose - the mere act of choosing one is more valuable than you'll ever know.

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