Where Do You Dwell?

A dwelling is so much more than a home.  It's the place where you stay.  Not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well.  My question to you is:  Where do you dwell?  Where do you stay?  Not physically, but where do you place your energy and emotions day in and day out?  We all have things that we dwell on.  So many of us choose to dwell in unpleasant places.  

If you have an issue with your physical dwelling, you can take steps to either renovate or move.  If you don't own the place that you dwell, you'll likely choose the latter and pack it up.  Why would you invest so much time and money into something that you don't own?  That's a justifiable reason to find another place to move.  But if you don't like the place that you emotionally dwell, you still have similar options, and your choices are just as impactful.  If you're emotionally dwelling in a place you don't want to be, how to you begin to change it?  Fortunately, it starts with you - which is something you have control over.  You aren't powerless and submissive to this emotional dwelling - you're actually at the helm....you're the commander in chief.  You and you alone own this dwelling.  With that in mind, what would you do to change it?  You could move on to another dwelling - but that doesn't seem rational, as you own your dwelling and want to get the most out of it.  You would lose all the time and effort you've already put in.  And more than likely, you'd continue to find another unpleasant place to dwell out of habit.

Spending time within your emotional dwelling and working to renovate from the inside out is one of the most valuable investments you can make.  The ROI far exceeds the cost to make the necessary changes.  Is it comfortable?  Nope.  Are there going to be really difficult days?  Yep.  There's absolutely no way around it.  But when the work is done, your dwelling will be unrecognizable from the old, not to mention safer, more comfortable, and welcoming for you.  It will be a refuge and safe harbor instead a place that causes you pain.  

Your emotionally dwelling, instead of being made of bricks and mortar, are made up of your self-profile, your habits, your work ethic, and your motivation.  If you're motivated by victimhood, you're dwelling is going to suggest such.  If you're self-profile is negative and destructive, your dwelling is going to personify that.  If you're habits and work ethic are poor and you don't want to keep house, your dwelling is going to suffer.  And no matter what you do to try to hide it, your dwelling is visible to others in the way that you move about your world, the way you treat everyone (including yourself) and the way you handle the challenges that the world (and the occasional poor choices) will undoubtedly bring.

Just like you'd prepare for a renovation for your physical dwelling, you're going to need a toolbox of resources and some prep work to begin your renovation on your emotional dwelling.  And every day, you're going to need to define your goals.  Just like remodeling a house - you have a timeline to get certain things done.  And if even one of those objectives isn't met on the timeline, your renovation will suffer and won't be completed. 

Along the way, it's very likely you'll need to reach out to professionals for assistance - people who know inside and out the certain skills or tools that will get the renovation over the finish line.  You're the architect...and while the architect develops the best and most beneficial design, you'll require partners along the way to help execute - the plumbers, the electricians, the framers, the roofers, the masons, and the painters.

Our systems are your toolbox.  We have a multitude of solutions that are tailored to your specific needs for your dwelling.  We'll be your trusted partner and advocate as we - together - build your plans and blueprints, execute on the renovation, and keep an eye on the details.  

Are you reading for your new dwelling?  

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