In my previous blog post, we explored intentionality and how our thoughts and desires create habits, and thus energy, in our day to day lives.  Our intentions drive behavior, simply put.  You may be ready to manifest your goals and desires, but there's work to be done to get there.

By definition to manifest is to display with action and behavior; to demonstrate.

It is sending something into being, through our will, our habits, our intentions, and our physical actions.

You cannot manifest success without working.

You cannot manifest wealth without intention.

You cannot manifest physical health using poor-health habits.

You cannot manifest confidence using negative self-profiling.

Manifestation isn't really magic, and regardless of your spiritual beliefs, background, or upbringing, it is the very real result of work and intention.  Manifestation is a cycle of thoughts, habits, behaviors, and beliefs - all a very powerful combination of abstract and concrete principles - that drive into motion your objectives, goals, and results....even results you don't want, if your intentions don't align with what your ultimate goals are.  

Think about it this way - if you tell yourself every day that you suck at your job - chances are, you're going to suck at your job.  The combination of belief and behavior (belief = "I suck"....behavior = continuing a bad habit of negative self profiling) leads to negative results and an unhealthy cycle that keeps you feeling stuck and insecure.  Whether you like the result or not, your intention every day is to tell yourself you suck, which then manifests in your professional life, personal health, and relationships.  You start with that intention, continue habits based on that intention, and those habits create behaviors that perpetuate your "truth" - that you suck. This is manifestation.

If you could rewind and break this cycle, would you?  

If you could manifest your desired results, what would your new reality look like?

If you could learn a system to overhaul your self-profile, create healthier habits, and set positive intentions that lead to the manifestation of success, how different would your life feel and look?

There is work to be done to manifest your goals - and those goals are there, waiting on your intentions to align.

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