How do you move about your days and weeks?  Do you find yourself casually rolling through scenarios and circumstances?  Do you often wonder why you seem to be on an inadvertent path with little evidence of prepense?  This is all too common as we settle into habits and cycles that are haphazard rather than intentional.  So if intent is what one brings about, what is intentionality?

Intentionality is defined as being deliberate and directing the mind's focus towards a specific goal or objective.  Rather than just going through the motions of living, intentionality requires that we take deliberate steps to cultivate our desired outcome.  Intentionality involves our thoughts and actions, but on a deeper level involves our resolve, fortitude, and proclivity - that is, our determination, our ability to persevere through challenges, and our habits.

When you're thirsty, you probably don't think too much about what you should do.  Imagine sitting at your desk and suddenly feeling parched. You know you're thirsty, you acknowledge that you need a drink of water, and you know where to go to get water.  You stand up, walk out of your office, head to the kitchen, find a glass, and fill it with water, then proceed to drink.  All of that requires forward motion and intentionality that you don't have to think too much about because you've done it your entire life.  You've built a cycle, or habit, of identifying your need for water, and then acting on it.

The same second-nature habits can be built for just about any need or objective in your life, whether it be buying a new home, the need for a new career, the desire to complete a 5k, or your desire to transform a relationship or role.  While we surely can't control the actions of other people whom may be involved in those objectives, we can certainly prepare for challenges from people and situations that may stand in our way, and create a plan for such.  And when our intentionality is clear and obvious to those folks, it says a lot about our readiness to take on the responsibilities that come with the objectives which we are seeking to obtain.

Directing our mind into habitual intentionality is a rewarding skill that leads to an immense pool of advantages.  Shifting your focus from perfection (which most often leads to irrational expectations, and thus failure) to purpose requires habitual, every day intentionality with our thoughts.  And turning those thoughts into intentional actions propels us onto a path of objective intentionality.

We'd love to partner with you and show you our systems for building intentionality to reach your objectives and goals.  Schedule your complimentary consultation today as a step towards living with intentionality.

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